Go to the unzipped Yamaha Midi file you downloaded and run install again as administrator if possible. Home Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. Pietro , Aug 23, Hope this helps you all.

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If it says it has installed OK then proceed to run it. Eventide has a big ego about being the best so it wouldn’t surprise me. PietroAug 23, The MIDI implementation was quite daunting as the effects are very diverse with very complex parameter sets. TrueFifthOct 15, If not counting the H9, that I of some reason think does not count I tried to reach out to the magivstomp of the Converter, but does anyone else know if there may be a way to use midi with the MagicStomp?

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Dave Bliss shared a link. I own 2 H9s and that gets you close with much higher fidelity. Search Media New Media.

Midi Control for MagicStomp? | The Gear Page

Thanks for the reply! I’d love to see something like that come again but with a better interface and editor. Hope this helps you all. TmidimanAug 23, Line 6 has now released the first sub updated successor to Yamaha’s Magicstomp, HX Stomp, and it has midi.

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. There might have been a 2nd Yamaha utility required also. Buy a Eventide H9.

Aug 23, 5. Hi, does anyone know if it’s possible to control the Yamaha MagicStomp with midi? Aug 23, uzb. Home Forums Recent Posts.

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Not yet but the Eventide community has specifically asks for the algorithm. Aug 22, 1.

Had they updated it with regular midi control, it would have been the digital Stomp of all time It seems no one has even tried to find a solution for the MagicStomp midi issue. This will now install the Windows 10 64 bit Yamaha UB9 midi driver.


Midi Control for MagicStomp?

Set up the floating midi box to Yamaha USB1 or 2 on both drop-down selectors. Midi Control for MagicStomp? Share This Page Tweet. Aug 23, 2.

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