Do i need to do any setup or programming for the siren??? Friends, 1 Finally i managed to setup and program the DSC security system in my house.. Now we’re talking about an output that makes more sense 2A. Did you miss your activation email? You have one siren that came with your “kit”. Finally everything is working as expected Connecting an external siren to a DSC

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From what I can guess and gather, would this work: Lukewarm water from drain valve. Search is your friend: December 04, If it is truly just a “speaker” it will just POP when voltage from the terminals is applied.

Logged Ginz Security Expert Posts: Find all posts by taz Seems that the has no on board driver, and the bell output is limited to a relatively small ma. The bell output is limited to mA continuous and up to 2 amps for a short term with a battery connected.


Posted In Designing Kitchens and Bathrooms. The driver connects to the bell output terminals. Your description of “44 watt”, makes me think that you got an Elk44, which is not a siren, but a speaker.

Hydronic system keeps getting airlocked.

DSC Additional siren

December 06, The Elk self contained siren can be set to draw a measly mA and sound just a loud as it does at a full 1. Probably not though based on our daily use of the DSC panels.

Did you miss your activation email? SMF – Sirrn Installed! Also the if the zone attributes are set for silent alarm, then you will not hear anything! I dunno If DSC has an on-board siren driver.

Connecting an external siren to a DSC 1832

I guess that he’ll add up the costs, and decide what he wants to do. Check out our YouTube training videos. Make sure you have the panel properly configured. What do you have set as the definition for each zone? You will need to go into section zone 1 and make sure the first attribute 1 is displayed on and not blank I think!


You probably asked them too many questions Sirenn good the Siren works! Assuming that you have a 15 watt siren supplied with the kit, it will be drawing about ma.

Thanks for any info. I currently have one siren, came with the kit, on a DSC Because of this you should be able to connect this to PGM1 Yes the tamper lead goes to a zone programmed as type 21 or Or am I going to have to throw the siren away? Most likely you’ll need esc look over your settings on the panel. December 05, Gushing water in heating pipes. Smart Home, made easy. Please login or register. Hi Garrett, Thanks for the reply